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A storytelling website - all about Ma Wan - the history, the people, the culture. It is an island located between Lantau and Tsing Yi, and part of the Tsuen Wan District.


Leaping across the city – Parkour

Considering Hong Kong a conservative city, many people are afraid of getting hurt and breaking the rules. While parkour requires rolling over fences or leaping across rooftop, the sport is still under debate especially in this crowded and hustle environment. Is there a possibility for parkour to be recognised in Hong Kong?

Photo Story – The Floating Market in Sai Kung

I have been living in the Sai Kung district for more than 20 years. Despite knowing lots of delicious restaurants in the city centre as well as various amazing hiking trials around, I have never enjoyed and explored the area wholeheartedly. On 4 Nov and 6 Nov, I decided to go to the Sai Kung pier and … Continue reading Photo Story – The Floating Market in Sai Kung


Data Journalism Research Project

In this project, we have worked on the data of the Olympic medals of gymnastics event from 1984 to 2016. Through studying the trend, we aim to figure if there is any underlying reasons behind the changes in the number of medals; for instance, the training methods, the ethnic combination of the team and political reasons. … Continue reading Data Journalism Research Project


Interesting in-class activity about verifying user generated information in citizen journalism

Citizen journalism on its rise nowadays, thanks to the rapid advancement of technology. People can easily post breaking news details on social media platform and that could be faster than any of the elite journalists' work. But the problem for newsroom is to verify the source and credibility. Would the post be only rumors or … Continue reading Interesting in-class activity about verifying user generated information in citizen journalism


Graduating and introducing my multimedia project

It is never easy to be a student, with all assignments, test/exam, morning lessons....and finally it is my turn to! One of the compulsory works for my course is to finish a final year project in any way we wanted to present. Some did broadcast news package, some did thousands and thousands work of in-depth reporting. … Continue reading Graduating and introducing my multimedia project


New York Times – Wallace Chan: Becoming the Gemstone

By Jonah M. Kessel, NYT. "Although Wallace Chan grew up in extreme poverty, he designs some of the most expensive jewelry in the world. Mr. Chan experiments with technology to make unique pieces at his workshop in Hong Kong."