The Ma Wan Stories – A Multimedia Storytelling website

A storytelling website - all about Ma Wan - the history, the people, the culture. It is an island located between Lantau and Tsing Yi, and part of the Tsuen Wan District.


Graduating and introducing my multimedia project

It is never easy to be a student, with all assignments, test/exam, morning lessons....and¬†finally it is my turn to! One of the compulsory works for my course is to finish a final year project in any way we wanted to present. Some did broadcast news package, some did thousands and thousands work of in-depth reporting. … Continue reading Graduating and introducing my multimedia project

The Young Reporter – More than skin-deep

For some, tattoos are a sign of rebellion or simply just a fashion piece. But a growing number of people regard them as art, a secret language shared by a self-chosen community.


The Young Reporter – A journalist who draws a lot, writes a little

Mr Steve Sack , an editorial cartoonist, a Pulitizer prize awardee, shared his 33 years experience in drawing everyday.


Unveiled face of DRPK

In April 2014, 70 journalism students from the Hong Kong Baptist University visited the mystical countries North Korea/DPRK. With their trained journalistic mind and skills, these young reporters wanted to unveiled the long-covered-face of DPRK.


The Young Reporter – Struggling in the shadow of big companies

Young businessmen find their way to survive in this competitive business environment