The Ma Wan Stories – A Multimedia Storytelling website


With Hong Kong being so densely populated and economically driven, the mass often overlook all the unique cultural values that the city possesses. On that note, we decided to explore Ma Wan’s cultural and historical features by means to recite and retell the story behind this semi-abandoned island. The transformation of Ma Wan, from a traditional fishing village to a commercialised landmark depicts how globalisation has slowly buried most of Hong Kong’s irreplaceable customs.

Despite being a slightly inconvenient place from the city center, Ma Wan is home to people from all walks of life. Years and years ago, it was an island that could be accessed only by boat, with a fishing village being the home to people who lived and worked there.

Now, from natives of the island, a martial arts group that intends to preserve culture and traditions of the Tin Hau festival, to foreigners and locals who have moved there to be distant from the urban scenes of Hong Kong, the people of Ma Wan feel very strongly about their identities and reflect this through their stories of life in Ma Wan.

Being a relatively small island with an abundance of history to tell through its culture and tradition, the place now thrives to tell the story which has been left untold. The tale of the village that used to be will be told. Now left abandoned, with just a few families who still refuse to leave the old village, some locals who are not originals still manage to tell the story of how this island has become home and part of their identity.

by Mari Chow, Natasha Fernandes, Charlene Li


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