Photo Story – The Floating Market in Sai Kung

I have been living in the Sai Kung district for more than 20 years. Despite knowing lots of delicious restaurants in the city centre as well as various amazing hiking trials around, I have never enjoyed and explored the area wholeheartedly.

On 4 Nov and 6 Nov, I decided to go to the Sai Kung pier and the  promenade to look for some vivid scenes accompanied with interesting story – and I think the floating market seems to be one of the most unique thing found there.

Here I am presenting my photo story, not professional but with effort, trying to show the Sai Kung culture to the audience.

by Mari CHOW

Sai Kung_1

Sai Kung is known as the “Hong Kong’s Back Garden” for its beautiful hiking trails and beaches. Apart from that, the floating market along the city centre seaside is also one of the best attractions for the area.


Sai Kung_2

Fishermen park their boat alongside the pier and show their catches to customers.


Sai Kung_3

Customers on pier bargain and choose the catches from fishermen who are down on their boat.


Sai Kung_4

Different types of seafood catches ranging from fish, prawns, crabs, clams, etc, can be found on fishermen’s boats.


Sai Kung_5

Fishermen weigh, clean, and bag the seafood on the boat.


Sai Kung_6

After weighing, cleaning, and bagging the cathces, fishermen pass the seafood via a “basket” from their boats to the customers on the pier.


Sai Kung_7

Another overview of a fishman sending his fishes to the customers.


Sai Kung_8

Fishermen climbing up from a ladder to deal with customers who are checking on his catches of the day.


Sai Kung_9

Some fishermen may have an assistant on the pier to help costumers picking up the purchased seafood.


Sai Kung_10

The unsold seafood catches will be dried and salted on the boat, turning into preserved food.


Sai Kung_11

Preserved food stores are found along the promenade by the pier.


Sai Kung_12

Salesperson of the preserved food store gives tasting samples to customers


Sai Kung_13

Seafood restaurant are all along the pier with tables set outdoor under big red lanterns, a kind of chinese-style decoration.


Sai Kung_14

Apart from the floating market, some catches will be sold to seafood restaurants next by. They will be kept in water tanks to make sure they are lively and fresh.


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