The Crazy London

Before talking in depth about my amazing journey throughout this half year, I cannot neglect the fun that London has brought me – especially when summer and school holidays are approaching.

There are different campaigns, events, weird things happened recently.

1. T Rex on the street. Yes, a ‘dead’ one, still freshly covering in blood.
(1 June 2015)

TRex twitter

Funniest is, the Transport of London (TFL) is also joining the game.

Reporting about this hilarious campaign:
The Independent – Why you saw a dinosaur on the back of a lorry this morning

Furthermore…National Geographic is truely going to dissect the gaint dinosaur
The Guardian – T Rex Autopsy: how to carry out a dino dissection

It is not hard to see the passion that Londoners (or general public) have towards dinosaurs. Indeed, this is not the first time to see them around the city. In 2010, “a prehistoric jungle” appeared in Oxford Street. The shopping area has transformed into a scene from Jurassic Park.
Mail Online – Dinosaurs unleashed in London as Oxford Street is transformed into prehistoric jungle
And of course, the always crowded Natural History Museum with numerous of dinosaur skeleton collections.

2. The #missingtype blood donation campaign
(8 to 14 June 2015)

Type A, B, AB and O blood is needed.
Letters on London street signs and logos are missing as part of the new campaign during the National Blood Week in order to increase the numbers of blood donors. Disappearance of letter A, O and B symbolizes the shortage of blood types supplies over the country.

The National Health Service (NHS) is genius…
NHS blood donation campaign


Different companies, organizations are also showing their support to this creative campaign.Public Health England twitter
Santander twitter

NHS Blood and Transplant said: “This Missing Type campaign highlights that if not enough new people donate blood and these types were to go missing in years to come, there wouldn’t be enough blood available when patients need it.”

News reporting:
The Independent – Letters disappearing from signs across the UK for #missingtype blood donation campaign
Huffpost – NHS Missing Type Campaign Makes Letters Disappear In London In Drive For New Blood Donors


3. The London World Naked Bike Ride

Okay…I admitted that this is rather an excited event and I would love to witness it.
It looks cool, right?
Naked bike ride

But don’t think this is simply for fun. The naked bike ride is actually a protest event, aiming to raise awareness issues like cyclists’ safety on the road, reducing oil dependence and saving the planet.

will tell you what’s going on in vivid colour. (From Metro)

It starts at around 2pm, and ended at Hyde Park Corner at around 5.30pm, 13 June 2015. (That’s tomorrow!)

Useful infographic provided by the World Naked Bike Ride, showing the exact route for the event:

Whilst, 13 to 21 June 2015 is indeed the Bike Week. There are numerous event around the country.

London Evening Standard – World Naked Bike Ride: Hordes of nude cyclists set to descend on London for protest against car culture


Umm… this is not the end yet; and there are definitely too much to talk about.


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