2015 – Overview: All about travelling

My name is Mari. Local Hongkonger, born and raise in Hong Kong. I have been traveling for quite a bit in recent years, but the stories written here would be journey starting from 2015. It is now my third year studying at Hong Kong Baptist University, it seems the motivation of learning drops semester by semester. And there, I made a decision that I will never regret – leaving things behind in Hong Kong and get to explore the big, new world out there. I applied the exchange programme and was gratefully accepted by City University London, United Kingdom.

IMG_8092City University London

London, a place that I always fancy. Yes, once a colony, Hong Kong does have similar culture and socio economic system with the UK, but the quality is not comparable. The vibrance months I spent here is truly amazing.

The journey I have been to so far:
7 Feb: Bath – Stonehenge, UK
13 to16 Feb: York – Edinburgh – Hadrian’s Wall – Newcastle, UK
20 to 24 Feb: Barcelona, Spain
28 Feb: Oxford, UK
7 to 9 Mar: Oslo, Norway
13 to 17 Mar: Reykjavik, Iceland
20 to 23 Mar: Paris, France
6 Apr: Cambridge, UK
18 to 19 Apr: Brighton, UK
27 Apr to 2 May: Prague, Czech
6 to 8 May: Athens, Greece
9 to 11 May: Istanbul, Turkey
12 to 15 May: Rome – Vatican, Italy
16 to 18 May: Venice, Italy
27 May to 1 Jun: Cologne – Berlin, Germany


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