The Young Reporter – The Umbrella Revolution

BY Kyle Sun, Mari Chow, TYR

Since September 28, umbrellas have become a symbol of the fight for democracy in Hong Kong. That day, occupy movement protesters fended off pepper spray and tear gas with umbrellas when police tried to disperse the crowd occupying a main road in Admiralty, the financial hub of the city. The movement has since been dubbed the “Umbrella Revolution”.

The movement was originally a pro-democracy campaign called Occupy Central with Love and Peace, scheduled for October 1. It called on people to stage a sit-in protest in Central aimed at forcing Beijing to give true universal suffrage for the Chief Executive election in 2017, as opposed to the one that Beijing proposed which screens candidates. University students staged a week-long class boycott and protested outside the government headquarters to demand true democracy. The protest took a turn when police tried to clear the scene using pepper spray and tear gas. More people took to the streets with their umbrellas condemning the police action.

Reported By Mari Chow Edited by Natalie Leung The Young Reporter – The Umbrella Revolution>


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