A Day in the Life of Kitty Yau

Kitty Yau spends every Saturday with hockey. She is a hockey field player, a coach and an umpire.

Comparing to football and basketball, hockey is a less popular sport in Hong Kong. Kitty, who has been playing field hockey since she was 19, takes promoting the sport to the younger generation as her mission.

This is a typical “hockey day” for Kitty. She coaches mini hockey players, kids from 6-12 years old, in the morning at the Shaheen hockey site at Jordon. After a short lunch, she headed to the Happy Valley Hockey Pitch to coach the ladies team. Apart from coaching, Kitty is also a player. Running on field as a defender for her team, she exerts her very best to win the match.

Shaheen was playing against the Dutch in the evening. The team was in a disadvantage at the first half with a 1-2. The ladies fought back after the break and beat the Dutch 4-3 as the game ends with Kitty contributing in one critical attacking.

Not only does Kitty spend her weekends playing and coaching hockey, but she also makes it her career. Kitty makes a living as a professional hockey coach for many schools and teams. She also owns a store that sells hockey utilities.

Kitty thinks it is important to challenge oneself and to take every game seriously if you want to be a good hockey player. “Keep it. Don’t let it down. Just push yourself every time,” she said.


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