Shaheen A winning under pressure

16 Nov 2013, Sat

It is a sunny day. These 13 ladies are exerting their best on pitch – they are the Shaheen ladies.

Shaheen Ladies Team A is a ladies’ hockey team playing in the premier division of the Hong Kong Hockey Winter League.

Today, they are fighting against their new opponent of the division, the Dutch A, at the Happy Valley Sports Ground.

Having a good start, Shaheen scores in the first ten mins; but is quickly revenged by the aggressive orange team. By the end of the first half, a turnover result of 2:1 is obtained. Arif Ali, coach of the team is nervously reflecting on the ladies performance, hoping for a better formation and performance.

Recharged after a few minutes break, the ladies stepped into the grass once again with strong beating hearts and determinations for the second half.

Although scoring one short corner, there is no time for Shaheen to celebrate. Dutch pays back under the exact same setting – and it happens twice.

Fighting under pressure, though, even fighting under pressure. Shaheen at last won 4:3.

It is an intense, fast-pace game with aspiration. “You won the 3 points, which is the most important thing; but there is still a lot to improve.” Arif concluded.


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